It's 2015, Year of the natural texture! - How to maintain beautiful curls

At Mie Mani we love curly hair! And especially that of singer St Vincent! (see image). But how do you maintain great bounce and tame that excess frizz that all too often comes with this great texture?!

The Mie Mani creative team are here to help! Here are our tips to getting those perfect curls:

Step 1: Use an elasticizing and controlling shampoo and conditioner, that gives your hair volume and keeps the hair soft and light. We recommend LOVE shampoo and conditioner from DAVINES.

Step 2: Prior to drying, use a softening and bounce inducing, leave-in conditioning serum to give the curls control and extra spring. We recommend CURL BUILDING SERUM from DAVINES.

Step 3: After drying (or leaving your hair to dry naturally), squeeze a drop or two of a light, moisture enriched finishing elixir to give shine and control any remaining excess frizz.

We recommend OI OIL by DAVINES.

And hey presto! Beautiful, soft, bouncy curls! :)


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